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Thermal camera projects – expressions of interest

Geckoella Ltd would like to hear from thermal imaging suppliers (kit for purchase or to hire – with or without operators) who can help us trace the routes of bats as they exit and fly around buildings and trees, as well as equipment suitable for detailed counts of bats within a roost.

Images would potentially be collected from a vantage point with a wide field of view, and/or close-quarters imagery from a known bat roost exit. We would also be interested in thermal used in combination with other techniques, such as ‘the usual’ bat ecologists, infrared cameras or fluorescent markers.

Send your expression of interest to with a brief outline of your team, available kit, and brief examples of related work. You would then be considered for shortlisting, to quote for suitable projects.

We already have one project in 2018 likely to lend itself well to the use of thermal. This would require collection of data on flightlines for a building complex, and a high vantage point for fixing a camera is available.