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Carbon Offsetting Project 2017!

Geckoella is thrilled to announce that the winner has been selected for the Carbon Offsetting Project for 2017. The Geckoella team voted anonymously and the winner for the second year running is the Kenya Reforestation Project (

As part of Geckoella’s Paris Pledge (, Geckoella strives to reduce our carbon use where we can. We offset the rest in certified offset programmes that also benefit biodiversity.

We investigated the achievements of the project chosen last year and again this year and their progress has been excellent. Over the past decade 150,000 trees have been planted, and two nurseries have been established that this season that will be providing the community with 6,000 more trees. This project creates habitat and connects fragmented remnants of indigenous forest that are of conservation importance. This forest is an Important Bird Area (IBA2 boasting a rich avifauna including the globally threatened Abbott’s Starling (Poeoptera femoralis) and regionally threatened species including Bostrychia olivacea, Hieraaetus ayresii, Stephanoaetus coronatus and Glaucidium tephronotum. Three near-endemic butterflies occur, namely Charaxes nandina, Neptis kikuyuensis and Neptis Katama. In addition, elephants (Loxodonta africana), duiker, eland, dik diks, chameleons, Bush-babies, Black and White Colobus monkeys, Syke’s monkey, porcupines, mongoose, and civets all occur here. The restored and re-connected habitat provide ecosystem services such as water regulation, and a reduction in soil erosion and landslides. Through working with the community they have helped to change people’s attitudes to the forest, and provided social benefits in terms of employment and education. There is also a welcome international perspective to the project through their ‘Plant a tree, protect a tree’ initiative – for every tree planted through the Kenya reforestation project a tree is also protected from deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest.